the above video is a work in progress taken from a segment of a conversation with VideoLetters filmmakers Eric van den Broek and Katarina Rejger and myself (geo geller) after a screening at the Human Rights Watch film festival in NYC in 2005 - editors note: my camera froze in zoom mode and mindbogglingly stayed there - the sound needs to be tweaked and this is only a segment and rough cut - to be continued

Videoletters is a tool for reconciliation in post- war countries & a conflict prevention tool in multy ethnic societies. By reconnecting former enemies, Videoletters contributes to open communication and makes reconciliation possible.

New York TImes review of VideoLetters june 6 2005

go to web site for more info on the filmmakers who also made a film that aired on PBS called the The Making of the Revolution (2001) by Katarina Rejger and Eric van den Broek about student non-violent movement OTPOR! that over threw Milosevic's reign of terror

The Making of the Revolution (2001): Winner of the Special Prix Europa (Berlin 2001), the International Journalism Prize (Washington 2002), the Human Rights Prize (St. Barbara 2001). This film offers an inside account of the last two weeks of Slobodan Milosevic’s regime, as seen from the perspective of the Serbian student opposition group OTPOR! (literally, “Resistance”).

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